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Nice to meet you, I'm Tamar Rosenthal, a graphic designer

for 33 years, and the owner of an art and painting studio.


As my clients, you will enjoy personal service and a warm attitude, many years of experience, professionalism and the "cracking" of the advertising brief and the idea that you will want to convey to your clients in the fastest, most creative and professional way.


Experienced Graphic Designer with a demonstrated history of working in the design industry.

For the past 14 years I have been the chief designer of Super-Pharm, and before that 7 years ago I designed the books of "Groom&Bride", Skilled in Graphics, User Experience (UX), Logo Design, Typography, and User Interface Design (UI). Strong arts and design professional with a Bachelor of Psychology (B.B.A.) 


I believe that high-level design and accurate advertising will make your customers purchase and enjoy your products and services in the best possible way, so I invest in meetings and personal treatment with my customers, while understanding their need.

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